Strong decoders with autoroll powerVU function and their latest softwares....

strong auto roll decoders

Get the latest version of most strong decoders that supports powervu... not just manual inputs but they have the ability to autoroll powervu channels.... and i must commend their autoroll abilities.....

Note: most of the strong decoders models with auto roll function are mostly the 495 Series... so many had 4922 but from the look of things the chip on 4922 is making it difficult to be a fully auto roll decoder.. 

Listed below are the supported models of strong that i have tested with their latest versions of software to fully turn your decoder to auto roll.

1. The no 1 on my list is 4950. this was the first ever strong decoder that supported auto roll.... all brands of 4950 is compatible be it..4950M, 4950H and 4950E... if you have any of the 4950 series decoder just download the right software for your model, load it to your decoder and it will begin to auto roll powervu channels like hd sport24.
Download Links
strong decoder 4950



2. The second on my list is 4955, many people knows little about this decoder,  its just like a clone of 4950 series.. it also supports auto roll for powervu channels i tested this decoder my self and it worked fine... the inbuilt iptv is very stable once you activate the account.
Download Link:

strong decoder 4955
3. The third is 4953 this is one of the smallish decoders from strong but its not by its size so far its more useful than 4922.. it also supports powervu auto roll 
Download link:

strong decoder 4953
4. The fourth on my list is 4957 this product also have a powerful IPTV apps and it supports auto roll for powervu channels 
Download link:
strong decoder 4957

Note all the files are in rar format so un rar it and extract the .bin file in side of it and copy to your flash drive or any readable and writable drive and load to the corresponding decoder.

The above listed decoders are fully auto roll with the latest patches... you dont need any softcam whatsoever to make it auto roll just connect to the decoder leave for some times and it should open the powerVu channels....
Strong decoders with autoroll powerVU function and their latest softwares.... Strong decoders with autoroll powerVU function and their latest softwares.... Reviewed by Olise Omodi on January 10, 2017 Rating: 5

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