What next? as MYTV discontinues support for Non-Mytv Decoders

Mytv has discontinued support for Non-Mytv Receivers that were able to view the free to view channels which are encrypted but yet free to view for any paired compatible strong decoders to a particular FTV card or mytv card. For a year+ now for those that were able to pair ether the FTV card or mytv card to any HD strong decoder were able to receive some of mytv channels as free to air channels like, Ait, Silverbird, Channels, Galaxy, Rave Tv, Kbs World, Wap tv, Wazobia tv, nolly Afica(24hrs Movies) etc. For over a year many has been enjoying these package on their strong decoders provided that it has been paired to a mytv or FTV card. But Now things are set to take a new leave has mytv discontinues support for non mytv receivers, for clarity mytv decoders are also made by strong technologies but they have some particular models dedicated to them hence they have a separate function like 4940, 4935, 4675, 4915, 4672. For as many that do not have any of these decoders then you wont be able to view those listed channels above as free to air. For those with the decoders above with paired mytv smart card with or without subscription you can still enjoy all of those channels as free to air.
But for we that don’t have any of the listed decoders above but we have been enjoying those channels as fta what is the way forward?

Before I move further, for any of those mytv strong decoders many functions are disabled you cannot customize it, you can’t load third-party software in other words you can’t have access to functions like biss, iptv, powervu, etc. for we that have other models like 4922, 4950, 4955, etc or any Hd IKs decoders there is a way. You can actually unscramble those channels listed above and more with a protocol called CCcam. With this protocol you can have access to those channels and even more on that same position as mytv.
Mytv is positioned at Eutelsat 16east and on that same position another package Tvsat is also positioned on that same satellite and all their packages are also scrambled but with this protocol CCcam you can have access to these TVsat package and Mytv Package on a third-party decoder and still enjoy same content just as their decoders are enjoying for a cheaper price.
these are some list of channels on tvsat package
TF 1
France 2
France 3 
France 5
France Ô
AB 3
AB Moteurs
AB 1
Toute l'Histoire
Science & Vie TV
Action (France)
Nickelodeon Junior France
Crime District
Fox Sports Africa
Trace Africa
Novelas TV
Gospel Music TV

For those interested in getting these package running you can contact me via the contact form below and I will send you details.

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What next? as MYTV discontinues support for Non-Mytv Decoders What next? as MYTV discontinues support for Non-Mytv Decoders Reviewed by Olise Omodi on July 09, 2017 Rating: 5


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