Who haven't heard of Nigeria's NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E with best local contents

For those that are still new to this tag  (NigComSat 1R) Nigeria Communication Satellite is really missing for the fact that it is free to air and serves just Local contents is truly worth the credit for atleast bringing up the idea.. although it is still work in progress.


On December 15, 2004, Nigeria's National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) and CGWIC signed the NigcomSat-1 communications satellite in-orbit delivery contract in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

On May 14, 2007, NigComSat-1 was successfully launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center (XSLC) aboard an enhanced LM-3B (LM-3B/E) launch vehicle. On July 6, 2007, CGWIC delivered the NigComSat-1 satellite in orbit to Nigerian CommunicationS Satellite Ltd. (NigComSat Ltd.), along with a tracking station in Kashi of China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and one fully operational ground station in Abuja, Nigeria. A 15-year operational support service and a comprehensive training program have also been provided as part of the contract. NigComSat-1 was China's first commercial in-orbit delivery telecommunications satellite.

On November 11, 2008, NigComSat-1 failed in orbit after running out of power due to solar array anomaly.

On March 24, 2009, the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, NigComSat Ltd. and CGWIC sighed the NigcomSat-1R satellite in-orbit delivery contract. NigComSat-1R is also a DFH-4 satellite.

The NigcomSat-1 is equipped with 28 transponders on board in four (4) frequency bands ( 8 Ka-band, 14 Ku-band, 4C-band and 2 L-band) . In order to satisfy the complicated coverage area requirements, the satellite is fitted with a total of seven shaped communication antennae. With a lift-off mass of 5,086kg, the NigcomSat-1 satellite will be positioned at 42.5 degrees east longitude over the equator, with an end-of-life power of over 8KW, and a design orbit life span of 15 years.

After many tries The satellite is now fully in space and working.. there were calls some time ago fo0r the Nigerian Govt to sell this satellite but today the satellite has been properly utilized, for the little itches we have been facing will soon be a bygone issue...according to vanguard Nigcomsat was included in the 2017 budget for a better service upgrade which will soon come in place.


Many of Nigeria and Ghanian channels are been received here e.g Silverbird, trybe, Ice tv, Thunder tv, Kiss Tv, Tvc news and Entertainment, Music, wazobia max and Wazobia, Televista....e.t.c For now you get at least about 60 free to air channels and more are still to come. you enjoy every type and kind of entertainment movies, musics, news, etc, it is also believed that some sport channels shall be added subsequently.

How can i receive these channels?

You need a minimum of 60cm dish and any Hd free to air boxes like strong, qsat, alphabox, freesat, tiger, etc. It is at 42.5 east very close to dstv at 36east with tp. 12518H29500 and 12627H29500 

How to track?

Its very easy to track, earlier before now the channels do come and go , signals are not steady but for many days now its been stable and all my tracking of it has been in point and easy...to make it easier
Track DSTV at 36 east and adjust till you get the best %, your focus should be on the lnb tweaking make sure at DSTV position you adjust your lnb to the best signal level you can get then input the frequency of Nigcomsat 12518 H 29500 and then bring down the dish a little and move the dish to your left from behind  and you should hit the bird as simple as that. Do not adjust the lnb after you nail dstv i noticed they are same lnb position with dstv because slight change from the lnb setting might waste your time unnecessarily... after nailing the satellite you keep searching regularly to keep getting the channels as they keep rolling out.

Who haven't heard of Nigeria's NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E with best local contents Who haven't heard of Nigeria's  NigComSat 1R at 42.5°E with best local contents Reviewed by Olise Omodi on July 02, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. So other person mentioned that from behind, the dish is moved to the right.

    How true is it?

    1. its to the left not right.... the elevation decreases from 36degree to 42.5 degree


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