Tstv Africa A Step to Actualizing it Goal, Must read by Oliseyenum


I want to firstly welcome all my subscribers and readers back or should i say i welcome myself back for long i haven't posted any stuff here on my blog as usual, that is due to some important reasons. but am back and what a best time to return with so many in the basket but i will focus only on Tstv, most of my clients have being so surprised about me not saying anything about Tstv on my page for long well i was observing never wanted to give information about something i wasn't so sure off not until i confirm.

For those that do not know about the latest Gist, which is Tstv let me sum it up for you, copied from their site. "TStv Africa is a wholly owned Nigerian innovative Pay TV Operator, The smart decoder has unique and exciting features that include the Pay-Per-view (PPV), Pause Subscription that enables the subscribers manage their subscriptions, the PVR function that enables subscribers to record and replay their favorite programs at their convenience, the Wi Fi feature for easy internet connectivity and Video call facility that enables subscribers to stay connected with family and loved ones online real time irrespective of distance.
Furthermore, the complementary internet data is a value added service (VAS) that comes with subscription to enable subscribers surf the internet anytime, anywhere at no extra cost. It could be used by an individual or group of individuals as the smart decoder serves as a router for a maximum of 15 users.
With refined offerings of novel Pay As You View (PAYV) subscription, pause subscription, complimentary internet service, Video call and an array of amazing TV channels with premium entertainment, informative and educative programs that cut across all genres: News, Music, Religious, Sports, Health, Kids, Fashion and Lifestyle channels that better define the uniqueness of our diverse cultures and traditional values as a people in a single affordable bouquet."

They promised to start in July but postponed to october 1st on which they launched their service but not functional yet, then November 1st and today is November 1st and they have postponed it indefinitely, when are they going to start commercial sales of their decoders?

Here is my take: I don't know when but be rest assured it will commence very soon why? Before October 1st i was wondering how they are going to start operation without a signal of their own at the then proposed satellite Abs @3West i was watching them in 3D, well they later said they were carrying out dealers accreditation which was responsible for the delay, to tell you the truth i knew it wasn't due to the accreditation at least let us see a test transmission before we can believe i remember telling some of my colleagues that they were buying time just to work on their service and using dealership accreditation as a cover up. But with all this are they really ready for business? Yes they are.
I am glad to inform you that their test transmission is now live with 30 channels and more to come and they are currently free to air, you can watch them with any free to air decoder, here are the channel list as at the time of writing this post
Mbc2, Mbc max, Mba Action, Aljazeera, Cgtn, Ewtn, Rave tv,  Bbc News, Liberty tv, Channels tv, Enca, Tvc Entertainment, Ftv Asia, Dunamis, Sunnah tv, Tbn, Emmanuel tv, Dubai one, Dish Tv, Bringht Fm, Ahtv, Hits Tv, Riwendu tv, Mama Africa, Grande Movies, Mama Yoruba, Grande sport (beinsport), Grande sport2 (beinsport) France 24, Mama Africa Hausa. more to still come.

They are now live on air so we now know they are not scam, the decoders are not yet out on sale for now because its a test transmission, they gave out free to air decoders to people to actually test but if you have any free to air decoder you can test it on your own, all the channels are currently free to air, i watched EPL and seria A last weekend and Tuesday champions league live and free all through tstv, with music and movie channels it has being the bomb and their picture quality both HD and SD are very good and clear, they wont start nationwide sale until they have stability on their signal, currently their signal quality is low and many channels are yet to be included after working on it and they have stability they will commence sale and at that time you can only now have access to their channels only via their decoders. and their subscription is ridiculously low for the kind of programs they are offering, its just too good to be true but its true.

Here are the pictures i took Yesterday with my strong decoder 4955





This part are for installers if you are one good and fine if you are not you can get one to track it for you.
What you need is a Dish preferably 90cm, any FTA Hd decoder like Strong, qsat, and co, Ku band lnb and tv to watch.
Frequencies: 11088 H 30000
                     11052 H 30000
Position: Abs @ 3West
Use this Tp for Easy tracking 11168H30000 then you blind scan or input the above listed frequencies to get their channels which is free to air anybody can watch it.

I remember posting on my Facebook timeline, why wasting your time on sport24 that requires bigger dish and special decoders which isn't even stable where by at least for now Tstv is offering more with less stress. Enjoy the free test Channels while they last, Note anytime the channels are scrambled their decoders would be out so don't panic it is so cheap that i could buy 5pcs at once for the price of one for the kind of content they will be offering.

Dont let anybody deceive you in to paying anything for now because their decoders are not yet on sale you can test with any hd decoder you have.

I will advice those wailing wailers to stop because for now atleast you can enjoy their programs for we the sport lovers we can enjoy our sports and lots more, why then are we wailing, Tstv is working to serve their customers well and we will support them till the End. Stay tuned for more update about them  Tstv are a Step closer to actualizing their Target.

Tstv Africa A Step to Actualizing it Goal, Must read by Oliseyenum Tstv Africa A Step to Actualizing it Goal, Must read by Oliseyenum Reviewed by Olise Omodi on November 01, 2017 Rating: 5


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