satellite installation training

Who is a satellite TV Installer?
A satellite TV installer attaches, connects, and repairs equipment that delivers television signals to service subscribers.
How to become a satellite TV installer
To become a satellite tv installer one must obtain the necessary training, Most companies like Dstv, Mytv, Kwese, Multi TV, Startimes, etc most times organizes training for new installers to learn how to install their packages, also a training can be obtained  under the supervision of an experienced satellite installer.
Objective of Training
  • Give expertise in the selection of satellite dishes
  • Demonstrate how to position, mount and align satellite dish for optimum signal reception
  • Explain how to connect up decoders and other equipment
  • Show how to distribute terrestrial and satellite signals(like in Hotels)
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting techniques
Who Should Attend?
  • This course is suitable for those who are new to satellite dish installation
  • Existing installers who want to brush up on their knowledge and skills
  • People wishing to learn how to install satellite  dishes in their own homes
VENUE: Govt. Secondary. School Jiwa, after dei-dei building Material market ABUJA Nigeria.
Duration: (Three weeks) starting September 8th 2018, 2-3 times a week, Participants to choose convenient days, with time
Time: 10am on September 8th  2018 for ACCREDITATION and Course Introductions with a brief seminar begins by 11am
Training Cost: N10, 000 only

Theoretical Training. (What to Learn)

  • ·        Satellite transmission and basic satellite terms
  • ·        Coverage and positioning(footprints, beams, e.t.c)
  • ·        Dish selection
  • ·        Cables and connectors
  • ·        Receiver connection
  • ·        Amplifiers, filters and distribution(like for hotels, offices, bars, club , schools, etc)

Practical Training (What to learn)

  • Dish assembling and fixing
  • Cables and connections
  • Receiver connection
  • Location and tracking of any satellite (DSTV, Mytv, Startimes, Kwese, Consat,Multi Tv and host of many free to air)
  • Boosting signal
  • Troubleshooting.
Note: A lot of secrete in satellite TV installations and distribution will be revealed in this training, so many installers would be getting the opportunity to learn what practical wont teach you and what theory wont teach you either, the training is structured for both practical and theory. Theory is very important this is one problem I have noticed with most installers they find it difficult to understand most terms used on the internet and on some modern decoders and carry out some upgrade on decoders when the need arises, I will show you a lot regarding that, many installers see opportunities only on Dstv installations, No there are lot of Satellite providers both paid and free that i would reveal to you.

To Participate in this training you can register online by clicking HERE provide your name, address, email and phone number, within 24hours a confirmation message will be sent to your registered number and email with your reference code which you will have to provide on the day of accreditation (September 8th 2018 by 10am) OR you can send your details via text message to this number 08188337098 and our team will get to you.

Considering the amount we are charging for this training it is an opportunity you should not miss you might not get this opportunity again, it might take a while. Within a week as an installer you can get back the amount spent for this training, for a normal installations we charge N5,000 – N15, 000 depending on location and kind of work to do.  
Bonus: I will show you modern ways to track with finders and your phone with or without electricity, updating decoders firmware and tranfers and teach you cband Installation with channels distribution to different televisions.\
DON’T MISS THIS: CLICK HERE NOW TO REGISTER Most Especially for those in Abuja and Environ. it will be core.
 for more info contact: 08069554806 or message
for whatsapp : 08188337098 


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